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mariner's license suspension

Fighting Mariner’s License Suspension And Revocation


mariner's license suspensionThe threat of suspension or revocation of your merchant mariner’s license requires immediate attention. Your career is in jeopardy, and you need an attorney and advocate on your side who can take swift action to protect your license. Do not expect your employer to defend you, in fact they will in all likelihood feel pressured by the Coast Guard to assist in prosecuting you.  If you believe you are under investigation, you have been contacted by a Coast Guard Marine Safety Unit (MSU) investigator or you have been threatened with license revocation or suspension, you must take action now. Johnson & Crew can help.


Led by a lawyer who understands maritime work and the challenges involved, we are well-positioned to defend you at any stage of the process, from Coast Guard inquiries and investigations to license suspension and revocation hearings.


Defending Against All License-Threatening Allegations


There are a wide variety of issues that could lead to the threat of license suspension, including:

  • Marine safety regulation or standards of conduct violations
  • Drug- and alcohol-related issues
  • Collisions, allisions and groundings


Be aware that Coast Guard investigators often include teams of lawyers of their own to build a case against you if you have been accused of wrongdoing. When we take your case, we will work to intervene if possible, ideally preventing the issue from moving to a hearing. If that is not an option, we will take care to gather the relevant information to present a strong case on your behalf at a regulatory hearing. Additionally, we can assist if your application for renewal has been denied. We will take every available step to defend your license and your livelihood.


Free Consultation With An Experienced Attorney


Call (281) 895-2410 or contact our office online for more information about preventing merchant mariner’s license suspension or revocation. From our law office in League City, we represent mariners in Galveston County, throughout Texas and nationwide.